Newly Remodeled Store: Express Women

The Express Women's Store remodel is complete!  New features include new flooring and lighting, as well as, recessed merchandise shelving fitting the overall reorganized layout.  The NEW look is more open and vibrant than the original design.  Our Express Men's store is nearing completion; however, will remain open during construction.  Express's full renovation is anticipated to be complete early June.  Take a peek behind the barricade by clicking below! 

Victoria’s Secret is getting sexier!

Crabtree’s Victoria’s Secret store is currently closed for construction while it undergoes an expansion and remodel. The store will add nearly 5,000 additional square feet and be remodeled into dual Victoria’s Secret and Pink stores. Each concept will have its own branded entrance with the Pink store being on the corner closest to Hudson Belk. The new Victoria’s Secret store will feature a Grand Hall at its entrance as well as a Bra Salon and Beauty area. Given the extensive nature of the remodel the stores won’t reopen until late June/early July of this year.

Something Magical is Taking Place!

Something magical is taking place!  Disney is undergoing a full remodel.  The space has already been demolished and the general contractor has started the framework . We  anticipate store construction to be complete early May with The Disney Store’s grand opening happening shortly thereafter.   Click below to take a peek behind the barricade!  

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