Early Closing

1-18-2018:  Crabtree Valley Mall will close at 5PM today.  Restaurant and anchor store hours may vary. Top levels of the parking decks will remain closed.

Life at Crabtree

Moon & Lola NOW OPEN!

We’re very excited to be unveiling our newest addition to Crabtree Valley Mall this week. Acclaimed jewelry company Moon and Lola is opening their store on our upper level between Fossil and Sole Mio. The company shares some great attributes with the mall. Crabtree is an independent mall with local ownership that’s been a fixture in the Raleigh community for forty-three years. Moon and Lola was founded by Kelly Shatat, a Raleigh native, seven years ago and is headquartered in nearby Apex. We both also share a strong commitment to customer service. Moon and Lola continues to be committed to offering the high quality personalized jewelry upon which they’ve built their reputation. They are an adaptive, growing, company that is staying true to its iconic style across all their products. We encourage all our shoppers to check out the new Moon and Lola store, they’re one of Oprah’s favorite things and we think they’ll be a favorite of yours too!