Early Closing

1-18-2018:  Crabtree Valley Mall will close at 5PM today.  Restaurant and anchor store hours may vary. Top levels of the parking decks will remain closed.

Life at Crabtree

All Roads Lead to Crabtree

All Roads Lead to Crabtree

This week construction is scheduled to begin to add a second left turn lane off Glenwood Avenue at the main entrance to Crabtree Valley Mall.  This new turn lane is the second phase of a major traffic and parking enhancement project initiated by Crabtree Valley Mall in 2015.  The project will improve traffic flow on Glenwood Avenue by reducing the wait time for vehicles entering the mall off Glenwood Avenue from the direction of US 1/I 440.  

Crabtree Valley Mall is completely funding the project so there is no cost to the Wake County or the state. While the primary goal is to make it easier for visitors to enter the mall from westbound Glenwood Avenue, hopefully everyone who drives on that section enjoys a benefit of less congestion on the road.

When completed, the additional lane will double the number of cars that are able to turn left into the mall’s main entrance during each light cycle along Glenwood Avenue.  The new dual lane pattern will also extend onto the mall’s Blue deck at the main entrance.  This lane expansion, when paired with the new down ramp constructed on Blue deck last fall, will enable vehicle traffic to enter from Glenwood Avenue more efficiently and will provide mall visitors with convenient access to all parking levels of the Blue deck from the main entrance. 

The main entrance from Glenwood Avenue is the most heavily trafficked entrance to the mall and the additional turning lane should make it easier for even greater numbers of visitors to utilize the entrance. Visitors to the mall are also encouraged to make use of the four other primary entrances to the mall. There are a total of five primary entrances and they allow entry into all sides of the property from Edwards Mill Road, Creedmoor Road, Glenwood Avenue, Blue Ridge Road and Crabtree Valley Avenue.

Work on the median area to accommodate the additional lane will be done at night and will not interrupt Glenwood Avenue during daylight hours.  The construction of the second left turn lane is anticipated to be completed within six to eight weeks.