Old Navy

Location: Lower Level G
Closest anchor store: Belk
Best entrance: Glenwood Avenue
Parking: Green Deck
Phone number: 919-789-9807

Mon-Thurs: 9:00AM-9:30PM
Fri-Sat: 9:00AM-10:00PM
Sun: 10:00AM-8:00PM


Imagine a place where you can find all of your wardrobe "must-have's" at prices you can’t believe. Everything from your favorite t-shirts and jeans to your seasonal fashion faves. A place where every family member is invited. Where everything has great style and quality and the shopping experience is actually fun, not a chore. That place is Old Navy, making current American fashion essentials accessible for every family.  As one of the largest apparel brands in the world, we offer customers fabulous fashion in our 1,000+ stores around the world.